Referencing your tenants reduces the risk of rental arrears, and will protect you from problem tenants. Not only will a tenant reference check give you an informative decision on prospective tenants, it will also save a long of hassle and legal costs in the long run.

Do I need to reference my tenant?

Whilst it’s not a requirement for your to reference your tenants, it’s highly recommended as it will prove that your tenants can afford to pay the rent, and that they don’t have any county court judgements against them.

Reference Check - £20 per check*

The reference check will score the guarantors suitability out of 500.

What’s included:

  • Affordability - Income validation score indicates the degree of confidence in the income stated by the applicant.
  • Authentication - Incorporates Voters Roll check.
  • Adverse data - Public information check for CCJs, bankruptcy and voluntary agreements.

*Or included if your property is let through any of our Bronze, Silver or Gold packages.

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