Inventories are the best way to protect your property, and minimise the risk of deposit disputes at the end of a tenancy. They’re an extremely important document which will be presented as evidence should there be a dispute. It’s important that they’re created by inventory specialists.

Our team of inventory professionals conduct detailed inventory checks for any property size, as well as check-in and check-out services. A member of our inventory team will visit your property and compile an inventory check, which will be sent to you for reference and stored in your account.

Do I need an inventory check?

Inventory checks are not a requirement for landlords, but we highly recommend them. They are the best protection for landlords if there is any damage to the property at the end of the tenancy.

Last year, thousands of disputes were awarded against landlords - and a lack of inventory checks was a major reason for this.

Optional inventory extras

Tenant check-in

Once an inventory has been created, our team will ask your tenants to sign the document as part of the check-in process. We’ll also arrange to meet the first tenant to move into the property, show them where everything is and how to use the safety equipment, and answer any questions or queries. If required, we also offer a key management service, so your tenants can visit the office to pick up their keys.

Tenant check-out

At the end of the tenancy, once all of your tenants move out of your rental property, our team will conduct a tenant check-out. We’ll complete a property check-out inventory report, which includes: a detailed condition report of the property with relevant photographs as evidence, end of tenancy meter readings, and property security checks.

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